Kun's journey

Another Perspective
of A Rider

Just like John and the other bike lover and rider do, Kun sometimes breaches his limit. Kun realizes that there has always been a risk in doing something that someone’s dig about. Despite the concerning risk, Kun will never make them as an excuse.

Gentleman Instinct

He follows every path he saw in front of him just by trust his guts and instincts, not because he is an impulsive-ass guy. Sometimes, Kun followed his instincts as he took a moment to think and refresh his mind. He needs to. Every gentleman needs to.

Ride Low
To Feel High

Some of the riders gone with the wind and ride as fast as the lightning and some is not. Some of them take riding moments as the relaxation on the road. Ride low just because you want to feel the road and the sun-kissed your skin and enjoy it without a rush, and Kun is this type of rider.

Stories Behind
the story


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